MrHorse is Hungry

5 minutes adventure surrealist videogame.

"MrHorse is hungry, walking through his neighbourhood he founds very nice neighbours"


  • Original idea, programming and graphics: alberto bueno
  •  Voice acting: Anfisa Kup


Walkthrough (Spoiler Alert)

StatusIn development
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Authorarturito productions
Made withUnity
Tagsbrowser, Experimental, minigames, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Surreal


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MrHorse is Hungry has been featured in one of my favourite indie-gamedev youtube channels :)

and I didn’t know


this is a very cute game!
i liked how mr horse interacted with his friends and neighbours.
the art style was very good, and i loved the surrealism in it.

will you make a new version of this game thats longer, or with more food choices/endings?

also it would be funny if some foods changed mr horse, as in making him taller, fatter, shorter, etc etc
very good game, keep it up!


I am happy you found the game enjoyable :), and thanks for encouraging me to make a longer version ;)

you're welcome, be well!


5 apples 1 baggett and an egg 


its great dont get me wrong but the fps could be better


Nice one! I like the mood of it very much. Made me smiling....

Made me smiling

Mission accomplished :)

This is a very hungry horse lol. Great game tho, loved the ending lol


i thought everyone was going to starve or kill me i did not expect that ending 

I would be better with different ending and longer good game  

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I am supper happy you are wishing it to be longer, this means you would like more. Yes :) longer hehe.. it took me one month to implement this 5 mins walkthrough.. now I understand how much effort it takes every extra minute of game play.. Thanks for playing and for the feedback ;)

well thanks for replying just keep working on it and with your style arts you should make some sort of horror game (Just Saying):) 

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Hi Queen, thanks for the review in your channel ;)