Attention: For Mac users, the Web version may take minutes to load, but eventually it does. It works better with Firefox. If no luck, try the downloadable version with Wine.

Alternative downloadable version, if the one is not working: The Forest Monster and the Cards


The Forest Monster and the Cards Championship

You are the Forest Monsters, you just want Cards to participate in the Cards Championship

In order to gather the cards you need, you must venture onto the human-made road that runs through your forest and scare the passing humans into tossing their cards aside.

Once you've collected enough cards, you can return to the safety of the deep forest and prepare for battle against other Forest Monster.


Art, game design, and programming: Alberto Bueno

Game jam submission

This Game was made in 5 days to participate in the [Jame Gam #26]( Here is the [submission entry](

  • Theme: You are the Monster
  • Special Object: Cards


You can check all the code here:



The Forest Monster and the Cards 72 MB


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Neat game!