Too Much Wind For Basketball

It is a tiny sport simulator experience with some funny surprises (I hope)


It is a game and it is also a story, a story about me, or maybe about you.

It is about this person, she is alone, but is not receiving this as something negative, she is enjoying herself, she is playing basketball by herself. She is having fun, making some baskets...

At some point the wind starts getting stronger but this person is determined to make some good baskets today so she persists. The wind keeps growing but our protagonist remains imperturbable doing her best and using the wind dance as part of the game.

How long can we hold out?
How strong the wind can become?

... Find out for your self. Look for "Too Much Wind for Basketball" at


  • Cursors or ASDW for moving and control the shooting angle
  • Space hold for control the shooting force
  • Space release for release the ball


I tried to make a game that looks like it is a basketball simulator but in short time you realize that it is impossible to control. Little by little the wind is getting more and more strong and weird things happen like cars flying and people falling in the basket court.

At the end everything is flown up and the game ends.

Berlin Mini Jam

This game is originally produced for the [Berlin Mini Jam]( of 2021-01-23, where we have less than 8 hours to prototype and deliver your game.

These were the proposed themes for the jam: 

- pure chaos
- totally unrealistic sports game
- only 2 colors

I think into the idea I am introducing "pure chaos" and "totally unrealistic game"

Art Inspiration

For this creation I want to put a lot of attention on art, I would like to do something very cute with water color style. 

Water colours from Kristina del Baño:




I would like to know if it is possible to give them some live and turn them into a video game


- Original idea, Programming and drawings: alberto bueno

- Ball bouncing sounds:
- Basket gong sound:
- Impact sounds:
- Dog toy:
- Baby sounds:
- Woman ouch:
- Building falling:
- Basket collisions:
- Wind:
- Wind Indicator fall:
- Ceramic clink:
- Tata-tachan and claps:
- Tower collisions: 


  - - -



- Devlog videos:

- Trailer: 

- Full play through: 

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Authorarturito productions
Made withUnity
Tagsminigames, Minimalist, Short, Singleplayer
Code licenseMIT License

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love the drawings, beautiful watercolors. And also like the strange feeling of a "no game" (somehow) It makes me think on childhood

I am following your comments, all so poetic, you have a special way of looking and I am happy these games touched your sensitivity ;)

this is so cool and cute i really liked it

(1 edit)

Thanks, I’m happy you enjoyed it ;)